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Freedom Planning is a Cairns based financial planning practice.

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Our team of dedicated Financial Planners can support you financially no matter your current financial situation. Discover below how our experienced team can assist you through some of our most popular financial planning services.

Retirement icon

If you receive a large payment or inheritance and are unsure what this means for your financial future, we can help.

Whether it is money, a valuable item or even a property, our team can help you to understand the financial implications and make sure you get the most out of your new wealth.

We can offer advice around investment opportunities so that you can capitalise on your new asset, or keep you informed on changes to tax details and thresholds to ensure you stay on top of your personal financial situation.

House Finance

When it comes to buying a new home, there is a lot to think about in general- let alone your finances.

To help you during this stressful and financially uncertain time, our team can work with you to assess your current financial situation and establish what homes you can afford and what you can do to make sure you meet your goals and make informed decisions.

We can also help you to create a structured budget so that once you have your home, you can rest assured that all your payments will be met successfully.

Estate Planning

You want to make sure your earnings are put to good use in the event of any accident or unforeseen personal issues throughout your life.

We can guide you through the process of creating a will so that if the worst happens, you can be confident that your wishes are communicated strongly in a quality, legally binding document.

Through the will creation process you can also identify who you wish receives specific items once you have passed for your peace of mind.

Relationship Breakdown

It can be tough to consider finances rationally in the midst of something as uprooting as a divorce or separation, however, it is important to sort out the monetary side of your relationship as soon as possible.

One of our experienced financial planners in Cairns will be able to assist you with establishing your own income and working out new financial goals for your independent future.

We can review any savings you have and check whether you could claim any benefits which will help you during this time.

Our supportive team will be there every step of the way to ensure you can handle your finances individually and have confidence in your financial future.

Taking a Redundancy

Nobody wants to find themselves struggling in the unexpected event of redundancy. That’s why our expert team are happy to help you work out how to budget your payout and establish how long you can live on the specific amount you receive.

We will assist you with identifying ways you can minimise the tax you pay so that you have more to help you until you get back on your feet.

Business Planning

Starting a new business can be overwhelming, but one thing you can’t afford to do without is a top quality and fully comprehensive finance plan.

Our team can help you plan your businesses finances and offer advice on any specialised insurance that may fit your business.

We can also help you decide how to invest your profit and expand on your capital as well as offer insight on setting up a succession plan to ensure that your company continues to thrive even when you decide to move on in the future.

Creating & Protecting Wealth

We provide investment and finance advice to achieve your financial goals, ensuring you’re supported every step of the way.

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