Is a Self Managed Superannuation Fund right for you?

People who set up and manage their own personal superannuation fund are typically motivated by the desire to take charge of their retirement funding outcomes.

A Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) offers greater flexibility and control compared to public offer funds.

By establishing your own SMSF, you can also take advantage of the tax-effective superannuation environment. For these reasons, more and more people are attracted to the benefits of managing their own fund.

We can assist you to achieve your lifestyle and financial goals for both current and future generations.

We can advise you on the suitability of a SMSF and develop personalised advice that’s right for you.

Our training, knowledge, skills and dedication translate into high-quality advice, assisting you to achieve financial wellbeing.

Benefits of a Self Managed  Superannuation Fund

SMSF is known for providing unique and superior benefits to the clients for years.

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds are known for providing unique and superior benefits to the clients for years. Every Self-Managed Superannuation Fund is unique, however, each will share some of the following key benefits:

  • Control to make decisions regarding how and where to invest your funds.
  • Flexibility to personalise and alter your investment strategy at any time.
  • Ability to pool member funds together, providing opportunity for more investment options.
  • Large investment choice including direct shares, separately managed accounts, residential or commercial property, alternative assets, term deposits and cash.
  • Borrowing to invest through the fund to open up new investment opportunities.
  • Potential to minimise or eliminate income and capital gains tax.
  • Maximise taxation benefits through imputation credits.
  • Achieve cost efficiencies for large accounts.
  • Pre-retirement strategy optimisation.
  • Flexibility to hold and fund your personal or business risk insurance.
  • Family and estate planning benefits.
  • A vehicle for intergenerational wealth transfer.
  • Asset protection from creditors.

Setting up a Self Managed  Superannuation Fund

Through our SMSF services, we can assist you with the following end-to-end services and advice:

  • Determining if an SMSF is the best structure for you.
  • Establishing your SMSF.
  • Selecting the correct trustee structure.
  • Outlining the trustee’s responsibilities.
  • Setting the investment strategy.
  • Recommending and placing investments.
  • How to best structure contributions and pensions.
  • How to minimise your tax, potentially eliminating CGT.
  • Ongoing administration, reporting and taxation services.
  • Protecting your investment assets.
  • Protecting your dependents in the most tax effective manner.
  • Estate planning strategies to avoid challenges against your estate.
  • Facilitating the provision of other specialist services.
  • Ongoing review and trustee education.

The need for advice

Being the trustee of an SMSF carries significant responsibilities, and there can be many things to consider when establishing, running and investing through this flexible structure. It can be difficult to manage alone and the penalties for non-compliance can be steep.

Together we can navigate through any potential complexities to help you achieve your desired financial goals and outcomes. It is our duty to provide the clients with satisfactory services in Superannuation and Self-Managed Superannuation areas.

You can establish your own SMSF through our assistance.

Initial Meeting

At our initial meeting, we will discuss your individual needs which will help us to tailor our advice to help you reach your overall lifestyle and financial objectives and determine whether an SMSF is right for you.

Our advice is comprehensive, robust and takes into account a significant number of variables and legislation.